The original cast of Clueless. Picture: Paramount

Clueless is getting a reboot — despite no one asking for it

THE coming-of-age sleepover essential, Clueless, is getting a reboot. But it seems most people aren’t happy about it.

According to Deadline, the Clueless reboot is currently in its early stages of production, taking on board the writer of Girls Trip (Tracy Oliver) as one of the film’s producers and Marquita Robinson to write the script (Glow).

The original cast of Clueless. Picture: Paramount

The original cast of Clueless. Picture: ParamountSource:Supplied

At this point it is unclear whether the film will be a remake of the 1995 hit with an entirely new cast or a reboot with the likes of Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd returning to the silver screen.

What is clear is many people are fed up with the number of reboots coming out of Hollywood.

Check out some of the backlash below:

With a Clueless: The Musical starring Dove Cameron set to hit off-Broadway this November, it’s no surprise Paramount is looking to take advantage of the hype. Let’s just hope that when this reboot does come, it matches the iconic nature of its predecessor.

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